Here are some good site tips for having your own site.

1. Think of a name that you want your site to be called. It can be anything you want.

2. You should base your site on the name you make it. Such as mine...Pinko0oChaos..I use alot of pink on my site.

3. Keep things together and organized. You don't want to have a mess. Keep things together and in the right place. I (being a neat freak) use a pad and pen to work out my site. I also have individual folders for all my graphics and dolls and such.

4. Choose what you want to put on your site. What is your site about?

5. Work hard and have fun. Making a site like mine and others like it are not made overnight. They take time and effort and skill. If you are not willing to work on your site to your liking then I would suggest you don't make one at all lol.

6. Make sure that when you do make a have links to it so that others can view it. Such as a link button or graphics that you can link. And if you want you can even let people know about your site by putting it up in other top doll sites.

7. Be creative and use your own ideas and skill. Never steel anyone elses graphics or ideas withought their permission.

8. For making your dolls transparent (That means no background) All you need is the right program and your mouse. You need to get Jasc Animation Shop first of all. You can download that. Second of all you need to make some dolls of which you want to put on your site. Once you have made one from a dollmaker, press down the print screen button on your keyboard and then go into your paint program and paste it onto there. Once you have done that you can then crop it and save it. Then you can go into animation shop and open your doll up in there. Once your doll is open click on the paint can on the toolbar right above and click on (To Canvas Color) and then click in the background of you doll. Make sure you don't miss any spots of the background or it will show on your site. Then once you have done that you can crop your doll in there by pressing the crop button near the paint can. Then click on options right above it and then click on (Surround the opaque area)and hit okay. Once you have done that then you should click on crop and then save your new doll.

9. When you make a site and use things such as awards that other sites have given you or ideas or any other graphics or help, it is really nice of you to help them out as well. You can help them out by supporting them or putting one of their buttons up on your site or even linking an award back to them.

10. Keep things up to date. If you are not going to be working on your site very much or you are taking a break from it, let people know. Put up a hiatus sign so that they know you are taking a little break.